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Customer's Testimonials

"My boobs felt firmer and looked rounder. 
The armpit fats were also visibly reduced!"

It was my first bust treatment at The Bust Specialist. The treatment was amazing and efficient, service was awesome too! My issues were as I expected. The specialist took one look at my chest and told me that I really need to do something about it as due to my previous weight loss, they were unbalanced boobs, not well shaped and did not look full. Armpit fats are another issue that plagues me.

I was pleasantly shocked to see an instant difference; the distance between my nipples was closer then before the treatment! My boobs felt firmer and looked rounder. The armpit fats were also visibly reduced! I couldn't be happier with the immediate and excellent results.


Thank you Eileen (Novena) & Claire (Novena), who were there to take care of me.

- Apple Tan

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